USA online casinos

Posted by gambler101 on Jan 25, 2011 in online casinos

It is fun nowadays to play online casinos games, but it is not simple to choose an online casino. If you are in America, not all online casinos allow US players. Consult a gambling website like www.let-poker.com to find USA online casinos reviews to choose the best offerings.

The good thing about starting as a new player at an casino online is that they offer attractive bonuses when you sign up. This is why it is more profitable to play online than at a brick and mortar casino. In other words the odds are better online, or the house edge is lower. Yes live casino also provide incentives such as perks for regular players, so if you also like cheap or free meals and accommodation while playing, then it is comparable. But if you do not want to spend anything other than your bankroll, then online casinos are a better deal.

For example among online casinos for USA players, Win Palace Casino will offer you a 300% bonus up to $3,000 when you register. This is particularly interesting if you play the most popular casino game, the slot machines, as this bonus is only applicable for slots, keno, scratch cards, real series video and bingo.

Or if you prefer playing blackjack they also have an offer for you with a $200 cash back deal. They have a total of six different types of casino bonuses to satisfy most modern gamblers.

Win Palace Casino is powered by the leading casino software company, Real Time Gaming (RTG). They supply secure games with beautiful graphics and crisp sounds to make sure playing games at this USA Web casino will keep you entertained for a long time. It is perfectly safe to play there, as all money transactions and customer information are encrypted to avoid getting exposed to hackers.

You may have heard that it is illegal to play at USA online casinos, but this is not so. The law only addresses some money transfers made through banks, but it is allowed to play or to operate a casino. Some operators have preferred to be extremely cautious and decided to only offer their games outside the USA, mostly because they are owned by public companies which cannot take any type of legal risk. But there are many online casinos available if you are based in the United States, you just need to do a little bit of research.

Make sure to only play at casinos with good reviews and good reputation, as well as offering the casino bonus that best suits your playing style. You can even play with fun money if you decide not to be involved with real cash, and these online casinos will let you play for free as long as you want.

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Thin value raises

Posted by gambler101 on Dec 27, 2010 in online poker

So there was this fish last night, and like any high limit fish he was very good at some things and not so good at others. This guy played nearly every hand, but was able to extract massive value through bluffs and super thin value raises. So if you wanted to play with him you had to be certain that you had a hand. This of course meant that if you raised him, he had a pretty good idea where he stood. On the other hand it was very difficult to discern his bluffs from thin value bets from regular value bets. To combat that sort of style, you have to occasionally put in extra bets when you aren’t sure where you stand.

In one hand, I’ve clearly got a hand to play, but I don’t want to push him off the pot. I’m in that nether world where I’m either well ahead or well behind, and I really can’t be sure. I think I’m ahead. When I hit two pair on a scary board, I go ahead and raise. This is a real tough spot because if he three bets me here, it’s almost impossible to fold, but now my hand is so good compared to his potential holdings that I want that extra value. Luckily he called me down with just ace high. What a moron after all.

Also I discovered this the other day, and I’ve been making use of it during my longer planned sessions. If you are sitting at three tables and register for a multi-table tournament, Pokerstars will allow you to play twenty-four tables total. Since I’ve chosen to suspend my play at Full Tilt Poker for a while due to constantly losing my ass there, it’s nice to have the option to play more tables.

It’s also nice to see what the big deal about multi-table tournaments really is. Personally I find them to be massively boring and only marginally profitable. They are much higher variance that ring games. That means to have an equivalent expectation I’d have to endure even larger swings than I do now. I really don’t need that kind of abuse on a regular basis, but from time to time they can be fun.

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Las Vegas new names

Posted by gambler101 on Oct 2, 2010 in live poker

How much impact does a name have on an organization?

Several Las Vegas based companies feel that their names can make a difference on how their organization is viewed. Some of the organizations are trying to change their names in order to attain a better image and another is fighting for the rights to keep their name. We will take a look at The Las Vegas Sands Inc., The Hotel Plaza, and The Tropicana who are all contemplating taking actions based around their names.

The Las Vegas Sands Inc. feels that the “Las Vegas” part of their name makes the company look restricted or limited to just Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Sands Inc. owns multiple locations all around the world to include three locations in Macau, which make them the biggest American presence in Asia when it comes to gaming resorts. The Las Vegas Sands Inc. also has in process the opening of a new location in Singapore at the tune of a 5.5 billion dollar price tag for the new location. Even though The Las Vegas Sands Inc. owns the Venetian on the Las Vegas strip with all of these other great locations all around the world, the company wants a name that better represents them. The Las Vegas Sands Inc. is contemplating on removing “Las Vegas” from their name and adding something more accurate like “International” or “International Resorts. If The Las Vegas Sands Inc. makes the change from now on they will either be known as “Sands International” or Sands International Resorts”. With the struggling economy taking a big toll on Las Vegas maybe it is best if the corporation distances themselves from the name of the city that is being hit hard by a bad economy.

The organizations that are fighting for their rights to their trademark name are the two divisions of the Tropicana. A few years ago The Tropicana Las Vegas Inc. went into bankruptcy and most recently it has exited Chapter 11 thanks to the Tropicana’s main financier Carl Icahn who put up 150 million dollars to get the Las Vegas division out of bankruptcy. Carl Icahn’s companies control the Atlantic City division and now the two divisions are in a battle for the rights to the “Tropicana” trademark. The operator of The Tropicana Las Vegas claims they own the Tropicana trademark according to a Nevada court ruling however this is not preventing Carl Icahn, of Tropicana Atlantic City, from suing in order to claim the rights to the trademark name.

The Plaza Hotel located in downtown Las Vegas is also undergoing some big changes. The Plaza is currently under renovation in order to keep itself competitive and up to date against other organizations that are currently improving themselves. The renovations will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 million dollars. Along with a physical change the owners of the Plaza hotel feel a name change is needed. The owners of the Plaza hotel feel a name like the “Union Plaza” will be better for the newly renovated location once it opens. The Plaza hotel has kept some of their sections open during their renovations, as they are a big part of the Freemont Street Experience. Maybe a name change along with a new look can help the Plaza withstand the bad economy and compete with the fierce competition.

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Appreciating the origin of blackjack

Posted by gambler101 on Aug 14, 2010 in online casinos

We as humans are very curious about origins of good things. We celebrate birthdays and independence days to appreciate or recognize the origin or the beginning of good things.

Some people like to blame it on the French, well it seems that a really good thing you can blame them for is for maybe inventing the popular game of blackjack. It is believed that the game originated from two French card games: French Ferme and Chemin de Fer. It was first documented that the game has been played in the antique French casinos in the 1700’s. The game was then called “vingt et un” which means twenty-one in French.

It took around 100 years until it was first documented being played across the seas in the east coast of North America. Gambling was legal in the United States up until the year 1910 when it was claimed to be a felony and became illegal. The game exploded with popularity in the year 1931, when the great state of Nevada became smart and legalized casinos and gambling.

50 years later the game came to Atlantic City and 20 more states legalized casinos and gambling. All over the world, it’s hard to find a person who isn’t familiar with the words twenty one or blackjack. Enjoy the game, whether you play blackjack online, at a casino or even at home in a friendly game, now at least you know and appreciate where it comes from!

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All the poker babes

Posted by gambler101 on Jul 6, 2010 in online poker

What is happening with all the online poker rooms signing up pin ups or even porn stars? Is it the sign that the end is near?

In onlinevideopoker it is understandable that attractive women be used to attract attention. But what about poker pros and online poker?

Ok, there are a few legitimate poker pros that are super hot poker babes. Vanessa Rousso at pokerstars is probably the most gorgeous and sexiest poker babe on earth. But let’s not forget that she is a highly skilled poker pro, with millions of dollars under her belt. Liv Boeree at Ultimate Bet is another boiling hot poker pro, but remember that she just won the EPT San Remo, defeating a field of over 1,000 (mostly male) players and pocketing a cool €1,250,000.

There are a few more great looking female poker pros that are really talented poker pros. Annette Obrestad at Full Tilt Poker is a cute petite who has tons of male fans. Annie Duke at Ultimate Bet in not exactly young but still a beautiful brunette and certainly a force in poker. Jennifer Harman as well at Full Tilt is one of the most recognized female poker pros, attractive and profitable.

All the above and a few more are gems in the poker pro crowd and the online poker rooms that sponsor them are lucky to have them, as there are only a few.

But using porn stars to promote a poker room is clearly a bit of a stretch. Recently Carbon Poker has signed Elizabeth Shannon. This is somehow controversial (by the way you can see her nude on the Internet), but she did very well at the Heads-Up Championship, so let’s give her the benefit of the doubt.

Now Victory Poker is employing the services of 2007 playmate Sara Underwood. She is totally hot, this is clear. But can she play poker? She can learn. What about Samantha Ryan? If you do not know who she is, you guessed it correctly: a porn star, and Ultimate Bet recently hired her to play at the WSOP 2010.

All this is good for the gossips, and people love gossips, especially in poker circles. But let’s keep the game as clean as we can, please.

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Texas Hold’em Poker tips

Posted by gambler101 on Jun 7, 2010 in online poker

If you are a beginner or intermediate online poker player, the following are some Texas Hold’em tips for making easy profits playing online poker.

The first tip is to raise in position before the flop. This will add chips to the pot and make most weak hands fold. It will also lead to bigger pots when you have stronger cards and thus a larger chance to win the pot.

Another fundamental play advised by Phil Hellmuth is never to draw to the idiot side of a straight. This is because in case of a big pot, you will often lose to the higher side of the straight. These hands look good on the surface, but they will cost you a lot of money over the long run.

Next tip, it is recommended that unconnected cards of medium and low level are often a fold. Tom Dwan says that it is better to play low pairs very cautiously, and he is such a loose player himself. Chris Ferguson has indicated that you should raise with an open-ended straight draw after the flop. Another tip as is to bet an ace or two high overcards after a non noteworthy flop, when the flop does not seem risky and is usually rainbow. When a player raises at such garbage flop, just fold because it simply means that you have no chance to win versus a strong hand.

The best players at casinos online advise to learn how to catch bluffs. Learn to guess when your opponents bluff to attempt to make you fold. Remember that if a competitor looks like he is a shark and then suddenly begins to demonstrate sad or happy feelings, she is certainly trying to bluff.

Also try to mix up your game. You should know to bluff as well, as this will make you win some extra cash with bad and good players. Top money earners have hinted to analyze your opponent to determine if the opponent can be bluffed easily, or if he bluffs himself a lot.

Because you will spend a lot of time on your computer with the poker software of your choice, you must choose the program and room that fits you most. Depending if you like rooms filled with players or other rooms with less players but more easily recognizable opponents, your choice will differ.

Good luck at the poker tables.

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Online roulette

Posted by gambler101 on May 27, 2010 in online casinos

Online roulette offers gamblers the chance to enjoy roulette on the online casino of their choice. For example Cleopatra’s Palace Casino offers various roulette games and stake levels. Cleopatra’s Palace Casino provides players with plenty of choices, features, benefits, and plenty of freedom.

Each online casino will have their own ways of running their online roulette games and this is something players will want to consider when they are trying to find the best place for them to play. Some of the online casinos will offer players one type of online roulette, while others will offer them the chance to play different types of roulette.

Once a player has registered at the online casino and has deposited their funds into their account, they will want to make sure they read through the rules at the online casino they have chosen to play on, since the rules will vary from one casino to the next. Once they have done all of this, they will be ready to play roulette. Players should be able to go into the roulette section of the online casino and get in on a game right away.

Roulette players will need to understand that buying chips online is a bit different than it is in a land based casino. However, the theory is the same.

Online the chips of each player will be a different color so the players will be able to keep track of their chips easier. This is a very helpful system that let online players focus more easily on their own chips. This is just one more way in which the online casinos go about providing their players with the ultimate roulette experience.

When it comes to playing roulette, players will see that the wheel on the screen has numbers which are in alternating colors of red and black. There is one number which is in green and that it’s the 0. Players will be able to bet on any of the red or black numbers they want, they can also make more complex bets like inside bets. When the wheel spins the ball will move around and once the wheel stops spinning the ball will fall into one of the numbered slots. In order for a player to make their bet, they will want to place their chips on the color or number they are betting on.

Online roulette provides players with a great gaming atmosphere that has all of the features they would want if they love gambling online. Players do want to make sure they do their best to take advantage of everything the online casino they are playing at has to offer, such as bonuses, promotions, VIP programs and other incentives.

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So many gambling games

Posted by gambler101 on Apr 30, 2010 in online gambling

Online gaming is booming, as people are looking for new ways to have fun during their spare time.

The Internet has certainly brought many changes in our lives, and games is one of them. We all love games since we are born, have you seen how little children love to play so much? This is really a very human trait. The good thing about online gambling games is that there is a wide range of available games to pick from catering to various tastes and personalities, from slots online to online poker. Cherry Red Casino is a great online casino with a wide game selection for example.

Poker for example has become very popular. It exists in many formats. Traditionally poker is played against other players and you must be skilled at strategy in order to defeat other human beings. There are literally hundreds of variations of the game of poker, draw poker, Texas Holdem, Omaha, 5-card Stud, Badugi,…, to name a few.

Poker also exists in games where you only play against the house. For example video poker is a game played on machines similar to the slot machines. Derived from draw poker, this is the game with the lowest house edge. Or Caribbean Stud Poker is another poker game where you play against the dealer and not the players, similarly to Blackjack.

Talking about blackjack, this is a very popular card game as well, favored by millions of gamblers online or in brick and mortar casinos. The movie twenty one released in 2008 is an excellent story about the game of blackjack. What is interesting about this game is that like in poker, skill can be used to gain an edge.

The reason why skill matters is that the rules are a bit complex, and the players are given choices and must make decisions, such as using insurance or doubling after split. Each action has a specific statistical expectation and the savvy players know how to put all chances on their side, including counting cards.

There are many other casino games, some of them purely based on luck: Roulette, Craps, Keno, Bingo, Baccarat, Slot Machines, etc. Depending on your personality and bankroll, you will find the game and stakes that best fit you.

One last thing to consider is to gamble with moderation. You can consult Gamblers Anonymous to learn about the risks of gambling without limit. Like all fun games and pleasurable forms of entertainment, moderation is crucial. If you play moderately at online casinos, there is nothing wrong with gambling once in a while.

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To tilt or not to tilt

Posted by gambler101 on Apr 18, 2010 in online poker

Tilt is probably the most important element that will influence your bankroll and your win ratio as a poker player.

Below are a few thoughts about the type of plays that may trigger tilt.

Folding big hands. This is a major skill to be able to fold big hands such as sets, straights or flushes. For most players it is very tough to fold them as these monster hands do not come often and they prefer to call and see for themselves rather that fold such strong hands.

It is hard to fold them, after all what if this other player was just bluffing; this would be such a waste!

There are at least two problems stemming from not being able to fold big hands: (1) these hands lead to big pots, so as you are beaten most of the time in these spots, this leads to big pots lost. This is a huge leak as if costs a lot over the long run; (2) in addition there is a secondary effect to not being able to fold big hands. It is that such losses lead to tilt, as you may feel like “omg, how come whenever I have a monster and bet the ranch, I am beaten by an even stronger monster? online poker is rigged, definitively.”

Another type of situation that may lead to tilt is when you miss a lot of hands and draws. Sometimes if feels impossible to miss so many times in a row, but this happens. This is the nature of randomness, that there will be long streams one way or the other. For players with a slightly impatient nature (and most are), it is hard to withstand and it is often the precursor of tilt.

The key point is that you cannot follow your emotions to be successful at online poker. It is not enough to use a pokerstars bonus code to improve your bankroll. You also have to overcome your emotions and make tough decisions all the time if you want to make consistent money at poker.

Skilled players somehow play in an “unnatural way”. They use their brain more and their heart less. Control yourself and you will do way better at online poker.

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Bill Smith and Longdoodie

Posted by gambler101 on Apr 3, 2010 in live poker

Bill Smith won the WSOP’ main event in 1985.

He was a very interesting poker character. He did not play terribly well when he was either sober or drunk, but in between he had a fantastic loose-aggressive style. When he won the WSOP main event, he arrived sober at the final table, but kept on drinking until he was completely intoxicated. By then he had accumulated a massive pile of chips and his aggressive plays aided by some good luck led him to the finish line.

In the mid 1960’s, there was huge poker around the western part of the Lone Star State. Bill was running a large game in an apartment house. His partner was Tennessee Longgoodie AKA James Roy. Both are in the pictures in Doyle’s book.

Bill played in games with many of the old rounders in those photographs: Johnny Moss, Doyle Brunson, Sailor Roberts, Amarillo Slim, George Barnes, Joe Floyd, Doc Ramsey, Pat Renfro, Paul Harvey, and Skeet Childress. The ole big hat Rangers raided Bill’s big game, the Cattleman’s game. Bill Smith had been arrested, robbed, stiffed, broke, and made some sweet scores also.

Back then they played with paper money. When a game ran all night, there would be huge stacks with lots of ones, five, twenties. After such an all day and all night game, it boiled down to four players, Bill, Tennessee Longgoodie and two wealthy producers, live ones.

Goodie and Bill threw in together with a sign, this being the way things were done back then. The sun was just coming up and there were only the four of them in this motel room. A big pot a show horse couldn’t jump over comes up between the two businessmen. There are big piles of paper money on the table and this saddens Bill and Goodie because one of them is about to bust the other one.

Now Jake had this habit of moving in on a flush draw and if he caught a call, he would jump up from the table and have everyone tell him how the deal came out. Well, he jumps up and runs to the window. Now the other fellow pockets what little he had left and gets up and gets his coat and leaves. Jake followed him outside and they were talking. Goodie and Bill were peeking out the window. The big ole pot was still sitting there in the center of the table as were the cards.

Finally they both drive off. Goodie and Bill cut up that money like it was a boarding house pie. They won one of the biggest pots of the night and neither of them were even in the pot.

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