How to Play Instant Win Games Online

Posted by gambler101 on Feb 3, 2011 in online gambling

Instant win games have become very popular amongst both UK and US players in the last few years. While the first online casinos didn’t become available to players until 1994, many of the types of games that casino sites provide have been simplified to increase their attraction to new players.

These simplified games are in essence what spurred on instant win games such as slots, table games, keno, quizzes, classics and instant bingo. The ability for even new players to understand the rules of these games has made them very popular online. Many of the games, such as Monopoly, The X-Factor and The Football Quiz will also be familiar to many players who play at their local fruit box machine at the pub. Hence, playing these games online is a major attraction to them especially with the massive cash prizes, promotions and bonuses available online.

In order to play instant games online, you’ll have to firstly find an online gaming site that provides a good selection of these games. You can view instant games reviews here.

Some of the biggest instant games sites (ie. those with the best selection of featured games and promotions) includes Bet365 Games and 888 Games. If you’re from the US than you’re better off choosing Bodog. Although Bodog doesn’t have the same amount of games as its UK competitors, it also gives players an instant 10% deposit bonus and you can play in their poker room, casino or sportsbook using a cross-over player account. Another advantage of playing games at Bodog is that it has both a downloadable and non-downloadable client.

Once you pick a games site of your choice, you can select any of the instant win games from the screen and play them for free. Sometimes sites will require you to sign up an account before you play games for free but others will let you play without signing up an account (e.g. 888 Games).

If you need help or instructions for playing the games than there is usually a FAQ or Instructions section on the site. Furthermore, since you are playing games for free you can usually learn the rules of the games very easily within just a couple of minutes. For example it doesn’t take a genius to learn how to play scratch card games or Hi Lo.

Once you’re settled on a site, you can view the promotions section to see what kind of deposit bonus you can receive. A lot of the time you’ll receive bonuses worth up to £200 which is really attractive for new players. These help you to make more money and increase the incentive to play games online. You may also want to view the player rewards/VIP and weekly special promotions to see what else the site offers.

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