To tilt or not to tilt

Posted by gambler101 on Apr 18, 2010 in online poker

Tilt is probably the most important element that will influence your bankroll and your win ratio as a poker player.

Below are a few thoughts about the type of plays that may trigger tilt.

Folding big hands. This is a major skill to be able to fold big hands such as sets, straights or flushes. For most players it is very tough to fold them as these monster hands do not come often and they prefer to call and see for themselves rather that fold such strong hands.

It is hard to fold them, after all what if this other player was just bluffing; this would be such a waste!

There are at least two problems stemming from not being able to fold big hands: (1) these hands lead to big pots, so as you are beaten most of the time in these spots, this leads to big pots lost. This is a huge leak as if costs a lot over the long run; (2) in addition there is a secondary effect to not being able to fold big hands. It is that such losses lead to tilt, as you may feel like “omg, how come whenever I have a monster and bet the ranch, I am beaten by an even stronger monster? online poker is rigged, definitively.”

Another type of situation that may lead to tilt is when you miss a lot of hands and draws. Sometimes if feels impossible to miss so many times in a row, but this happens. This is the nature of randomness, that there will be long streams one way or the other. For players with a slightly impatient nature (and most are), it is hard to withstand and it is often the precursor of tilt.

The key point is that you cannot follow your emotions to be successful at online poker. It is not enough to use a pokerstars bonus code to improve your bankroll. You also have to overcome your emotions and make tough decisions all the time if you want to make consistent money at poker.

Skilled players somehow play in an “unnatural way”. They use their brain more and their heart less. Control yourself and you will do way better at online poker.

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