How to enjoy roulette online

Posted by gambler101 on Jun 12, 2012 in online casinos

One of the most fascinating games in the casino is roulette because of the pure variety of bets that you can place and the maths that’s involved. When you compare roulette to other casino games like slots, it’s certainly a lot more interesting and involves a lot more thought. The big advantage that slots has over roulette though is that there’s always a small chance of hitting a big jackpot and this isn’t going to happen with roulette because there isn’t any kind of jackpot payout or jackpot bet.

How You Play Roulette

Here is how you play roulette. To start with, you need to find a seat at the table. Once you’ve done this you need to buy some chips from the croupier. He/she will give you your own color of chips; every player has a different chip colour to stop confusion when paying winners. The roulette table can become very busy with bets all over the place and if all the chips where the same color there would be a lot of disagreements over who placed which bets.

So once you’ve got your chips in hand, it’s time to place your bets and the croupier will tell you when you can do this. After a short period of time, the croupier will spin the ball, but for a short time you can still place bets. Once the ball has spun around the wheel a few times, the croupier will call no more bets, at which point you can’t place any more bets or remove any bets that you’ve already placed. From here, it’s a simple case of waiting to see where the ball will land and when it does, the croupier will pay out for all the winning bets. Its then time to place bets again and the process starts over.

Strategies and Systems

One of the most interesting things about roulette is the amount of different systems and betting combinations that you can use. There are loads of different bets on the table and when you take them all into consideration and think about the different amounts that you could bet on each one, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

The only problem to trying different systems is that it can become costly so for this reason you would be better off playing free roulette before you start playing for real money. If you don’t fancy playing for free, you should at least play with the smallest possible stakes while you get used to the betting system that you’ve decided to use.

The House Edge for Roulette

To put the house edge in simple terms, for the American game, the house edge is 5.26% and for the European game the house edge is 2.7%. You can read more about the house edge and different bets at roulette house edge. One thing to understand about roulette though is that the odds are built into the layout of the game and you can’t change the odds no matter how much you bet or what combination of bets you make.

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