Texas Hold’em Poker tips

Posted by gambler101 on Jun 7, 2010 in online poker

If you are a beginner or intermediate online poker player, the following are some Texas Hold’em tips for making easy profits playing online poker.

The first tip is to raise in position before the flop. This will add chips to the pot and make most weak hands fold. It will also lead to bigger pots when you have stronger cards and thus a larger chance to win the pot.

Another fundamental play advised by Phil Hellmuth is never to draw to the idiot side of a straight. This is because in case of a big pot, you will often lose to the higher side of the straight. These hands look good on the surface, but they will cost you a lot of money over the long run.

Next tip, it is recommended that unconnected cards of medium and low level are often a fold. Tom Dwan says that it is better to play low pairs very cautiously, and he is such a loose player himself. Chris Ferguson has indicated that you should raise with an open-ended straight draw after the flop. Another tip as is to bet an ace or two high overcards after a non noteworthy flop, when the flop does not seem risky and is usually rainbow. When a player raises at such garbage flop, just fold because it simply means that you have no chance to win versus a strong hand.

The best players at casinos online advise to learn how to catch bluffs. Learn to guess when your opponents bluff to attempt to make you fold. Remember that if a competitor looks like he is a shark and then suddenly begins to demonstrate sad or happy feelings, she is certainly trying to bluff.

Also try to mix up your game. You should know to bluff as well, as this will make you win some extra cash with bad and good players. Top money earners have hinted to analyze your opponent to determine if the opponent can be bluffed easily, or if he bluffs himself a lot.

Because you will spend a lot of time on your computer with the poker software of your choice, you must choose the program and room that fits you most. Depending if you like rooms filled with players or other rooms with less players but more easily recognizable opponents, your choice will differ.

Good luck at the poker tables.

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