Las Vegas new names

Posted by gambler101 on Oct 2, 2010 in live poker

How much impact does a name have on an organization?

Several Las Vegas based companies feel that their names can make a difference on how their organization is viewed. Some of the organizations are trying to change their names in order to attain a better image and another is fighting for the rights to keep their name. We will take a look at The Las Vegas Sands Inc., The Hotel Plaza, and The Tropicana who are all contemplating taking actions based around their names.

The Las Vegas Sands Inc. feels that the “Las Vegas” part of their name makes the company look restricted or limited to just Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Sands Inc. owns multiple locations all around the world to include three locations in Macau, which make them the biggest American presence in Asia when it comes to gaming resorts. The Las Vegas Sands Inc. also has in process the opening of a new location in Singapore at the tune of a 5.5 billion dollar price tag for the new location. Even though The Las Vegas Sands Inc. owns the Venetian on the Las Vegas strip with all of these other great locations all around the world, the company wants a name that better represents them. The Las Vegas Sands Inc. is contemplating on removing “Las Vegas” from their name and adding something more accurate like “International” or “International Resorts. If The Las Vegas Sands Inc. makes the change from now on they will either be known as “Sands International” or Sands International Resorts”. With the struggling economy taking a big toll on Las Vegas maybe it is best if the corporation distances themselves from the name of the city that is being hit hard by a bad economy.

The organizations that are fighting for their rights to their trademark name are the two divisions of the Tropicana. A few years ago The Tropicana Las Vegas Inc. went into bankruptcy and most recently it has exited Chapter 11 thanks to the Tropicana’s main financier Carl Icahn who put up 150 million dollars to get the Las Vegas division out of bankruptcy. Carl Icahn’s companies control the Atlantic City division and now the two divisions are in a battle for the rights to the “Tropicana” trademark. The operator of The Tropicana Las Vegas claims they own the Tropicana trademark according to a Nevada court ruling however this is not preventing Carl Icahn, of Tropicana Atlantic City, from suing in order to claim the rights to the trademark name.

The Plaza Hotel located in downtown Las Vegas is also undergoing some big changes. The Plaza is currently under renovation in order to keep itself competitive and up to date against other organizations that are currently improving themselves. The renovations will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 million dollars. Along with a physical change the owners of the Plaza hotel feel a name change is needed. The owners of the Plaza hotel feel a name like the “Union Plaza” will be better for the newly renovated location once it opens. The Plaza hotel has kept some of their sections open during their renovations, as they are a big part of the Freemont Street Experience. Maybe a name change along with a new look can help the Plaza withstand the bad economy and compete with the fierce competition.

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