Understanding the Growth of the Mobile Casino Industry

Posted by gambler101 on Jun 18, 2011 in online gambling

The mobile casino industry has been under impressively growth lately. While most people will turn their heads to it and say “oh look it’s another gimmick market” the truth is that there is a ton of money already being made in this market. And the industry itself is only going to get bigger.

In 2010, the total gambling market was worth approximately $35 billion. This would probably be double that if gambling in the US was completely legal and wasn’t hindered by legislation such as the UIGEA 2006 which limits how easy it is for players to make deposits/withdrawals at gambling sites (in addition to limiting the ability for casinos and sports books to advertise to players in the US).

In 2011, the mobile casino market took in more than $10 billion in terms of net casino wins. This represents a staggering $2 billion in mobile casino revenue which is around 7% of the total gambling industry. Even if this figure doesn’t amaze you, the growth rates will. Mobile gaming is growing at around 10-20% per annum, and mobile sports betting in particular at UK bookmakers such as Bet365 and Ladbrokes has been growing at 30-40% per year. Thus, the market itself it practically doubling each year in some cases.

Even in financial spread betting (a form of derivative trading) mobile trades make up more than 20% at most platforms which support mobile trading. And with mobile technology only going to get better with more operators support mobile devices such as the iPhone, growth is going to get to unprecedented levels.

One of the biggest reasons for the growth of the market in recent times has been the development and revolution in technology for mobile phones. Although WAP-friendly mobile games have been available for the last 10 years, these games really never took off because of the limited graphics, connectivity and foundations for early mobile phone models.

Nowadays however, the launch of smart phones which have been gobbled up by the wide consumer market have provided a realistic platform for mobile gaming to take off. Excellent graphics, user-friendly menu systems and a large range of games and jackpots have made players excited about playing real money games on your mobile for the first time. Players can now play realistic versions of roulette by downloading a roulette app for mobile, blackjack, video slots, bingo, scratch card games, keno and more.

A lot of mobile casinos offer the same array of bonuses, loyalty points, promotions and hundred thousand dollar jackpots too. You can download mobile clients at sites such as Bodog Casino, Bet365 Mobile, Betfair, Jackpot City, or even mobile operators such as mFortune and WinAsUGo.com.

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