Binary Options: A Variant on Trading and Investing

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binary-options-brokerMost investments made on the financial exchanges and securities markets around the world involve trading instruments with a certain degree of complexity. Take equity securities, for example, which are normally traded in exchanges such as the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street; these instruments are subject to several trading factors such as their price-to-earnings ratio, trading volume, dividends, stock splits, financial reporting, and more. These financial instruments can be made even more complex by attaching option contracts to them.

Binary options are new financial products that can be traded or exchanged with a lesser degrees of complexity. They are financial contracts, but market participants are not expected to acquire or sell instruments or securities. They are classified as exotic options by regulatory entities such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in the United States. These are not complex instruments as their features are generally easier to understand when compared to futures contracts and other derivatives.

How Binary Options Work

The basic trading strategies that apply to stock options can be found in binary options, albeit in a more elementary fashion. Brokers offer binary options as contracts that allow traders to profit from opposite outcomes. For example, a broker may provide binary options on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) with various time frames and strike prices. If the DJIA is currently at 15,980 points and a trader believes that the closely-watched index will reach 16,000 points or more in the next two hours, he or she can purchase a call binary option and profit from this market observation.

The potential rewards or payouts of binary options are also set by the broker, and they are typically expressed in percentages. For example, a DJIA call priced at $100 with a fixed return of 50 percent will net the trader $50 if the strike price is reached before expiration.

Market conditions and the brokers’ profit margins will dictate the pricing of binary options. In their most basic form, binary options that expire without reaching a strike price do not have any value left in them, although brokers can also set pricing rules for expired contracts with a residual value like 15%.

Understanding the Risks in Binary Options

As with other options contracts, traders must understand that the inherent risk of binary options rests on the fact that the payout amounts are often less than their investment. Another risk factor to consider is that expired binary options are normally completely depleted of value. A stock trader taking a $100 position on the market that turns into $50 at the end of the day will still have a chance to recover loses if the market turns bullish in his or her favor. Binary options traders do not have this option.

Also be wary of binary options scams from online brokers who make unrealistic promises. Binary options can be a lot of fun trading but they are not an easy way to print money as some unscrupulous operators would like you to believe.

Binary options are not for everyone. Investors who like to build portfolios filled with a diversity of securities will probably dislike not being able to hold on to an underlying asset. Still, binary options are popular among traders who do not like to hold on to market positions for too long and who do not like to be tied down to the whims of the market. Traders who are familiar with technical analysis and who can identify trends and patterns will like them as well.


Understanding the Growth of the Mobile Casino Industry

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The mobile casino industry has been under impressively growth lately. While most people will turn their heads to it and say “oh look it’s another gimmick market” the truth is that there is a ton of money already being made in this market. And the industry itself is only going to get bigger.

In 2010, the total gambling market was worth approximately $35 billion. This would probably be double that if gambling in the US was completely legal and wasn’t hindered by legislation such as the UIGEA 2006 which limits how easy it is for players to make deposits/withdrawals at gambling sites (in addition to limiting the ability for casinos and sports books to advertise to players in the US).

In 2011, the mobile casino market took in more than $10 billion in terms of net casino wins. This represents a staggering $2 billion in mobile casino revenue which is around 7% of the total gambling industry. Even if this figure doesn’t amaze you, the growth rates will. Mobile gaming is growing at around 10-20% per annum, and mobile sports betting in particular at UK bookmakers such as Bet365 and Ladbrokes has been growing at 30-40% per year. Thus, the market itself it practically doubling each year in some cases.

Even in financial spread betting (a form of derivative trading) mobile trades make up more than 20% at most platforms which support mobile trading. And with mobile technology only going to get better with more operators support mobile devices such as the iPhone, growth is going to get to unprecedented levels.

One of the biggest reasons for the growth of the market in recent times has been the development and revolution in technology for mobile phones. Although WAP-friendly mobile games have been available for the last 10 years, these games really never took off because of the limited graphics, connectivity and foundations for early mobile phone models.

Nowadays however, the launch of smart phones which have been gobbled up by the wide consumer market have provided a realistic platform for mobile gaming to take off. Excellent graphics, user-friendly menu systems and a large range of games and jackpots have made players excited about playing real money games on your mobile for the first time. Players can now play realistic versions of roulette by downloading a roulette app for mobile, blackjack, video slots, bingo, scratch card games, keno and more.

A lot of mobile casinos offer the same array of bonuses, loyalty points, promotions and hundred thousand dollar jackpots too. You can download mobile clients at sites such as Bodog Casino, Bet365 Mobile, Betfair, Jackpot City, or even mobile operators such as mFortune and WinAsUGo.com.

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How to Play Instant Win Games Online

Posted by gambler101 on Feb 3, 2011 in online gambling

Instant win games have become very popular amongst both UK and US players in the last few years. While the first online casinos didn’t become available to players until 1994, many of the types of games that casino sites provide have been simplified to increase their attraction to new players.

These simplified games are in essence what spurred on instant win games such as slots, table games, keno, quizzes, classics and instant bingo. The ability for even new players to understand the rules of these games has made them very popular online. Many of the games, such as Monopoly, The X-Factor and The Football Quiz will also be familiar to many players who play at their local fruit box machine at the pub. Hence, playing these games online is a major attraction to them especially with the massive cash prizes, promotions and bonuses available online.

In order to play instant games online, you’ll have to firstly find an online gaming site that provides a good selection of these games. You can view instant games reviews here.

Some of the biggest instant games sites (ie. those with the best selection of featured games and promotions) includes Bet365 Games and 888 Games. If you’re from the US than you’re better off choosing Bodog. Although Bodog doesn’t have the same amount of games as its UK competitors, it also gives players an instant 10% deposit bonus and you can play in their poker room, casino or sportsbook using a cross-over player account. Another advantage of playing games at Bodog is that it has both a downloadable and non-downloadable client.

Once you pick a games site of your choice, you can select any of the instant win games from the screen and play them for free. Sometimes sites will require you to sign up an account before you play games for free but others will let you play without signing up an account (e.g. 888 Games).

If you need help or instructions for playing the games than there is usually a FAQ or Instructions section on the site. Furthermore, since you are playing games for free you can usually learn the rules of the games very easily within just a couple of minutes. For example it doesn’t take a genius to learn how to play scratch card games or Hi Lo.

Once you’re settled on a site, you can view the promotions section to see what kind of deposit bonus you can receive. A lot of the time you’ll receive bonuses worth up to £200 which is really attractive for new players. These help you to make more money and increase the incentive to play games online. You may also want to view the player rewards/VIP and weekly special promotions to see what else the site offers.

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So many gambling games

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Online gaming is booming, as people are looking for new ways to have fun during their spare time.

The Internet has certainly brought many changes in our lives, and games is one of them. We all love games since we are born, have you seen how little children love to play so much? This is really a very human trait. The good thing about online gambling games is that there is a wide range of available games to pick from catering to various tastes and personalities, from slots online to online poker. Cherry Red Casino is a great online casino with a wide game selection for example.

Poker for example has become very popular. It exists in many formats. Traditionally poker is played against other players and you must be skilled at strategy in order to defeat other human beings. There are literally hundreds of variations of the game of poker, draw poker, Texas Holdem, Omaha, 5-card Stud, Badugi,…, to name a few.

Poker also exists in games where you only play against the house. For example video poker is a game played on machines similar to the slot machines. Derived from draw poker, this is the game with the lowest house edge. Or Caribbean Stud Poker is another poker game where you play against the dealer and not the players, similarly to Blackjack.

Talking about blackjack, this is a very popular card game as well, favored by millions of gamblers online or in brick and mortar casinos. The movie twenty one released in 2008 is an excellent story about the game of blackjack. What is interesting about this game is that like in poker, skill can be used to gain an edge.

The reason why skill matters is that the rules are a bit complex, and the players are given choices and must make decisions, such as using insurance or doubling after split. Each action has a specific statistical expectation and the savvy players know how to put all chances on their side, including counting cards.

There are many other casino games, some of them purely based on luck: Roulette, Craps, Keno, Bingo, Baccarat, Slot Machines, etc. Depending on your personality and bankroll, you will find the game and stakes that best fit you.

One last thing to consider is to gamble with moderation. You can consult Gamblers Anonymous to learn about the risks of gambling without limit. Like all fun games and pleasurable forms of entertainment, moderation is crucial. If you play moderately at online casinos, there is nothing wrong with gambling once in a while.

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Hello casino gamblers

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Welcome to Casino Times News blog, your blog about all news related to casinos.

We already know that not all casinos are the same. Either in person or online, some casinos are much more enjoyable than others. At Casino Times News, we listen to our readers’ needs and desires and help them have the most enjoyable time possible. So you are always welcome to make comments on any of the posts of this blog, and we will take your requests in consideration or answer directly in the comment thread.

Recently, there has been an explosion of new casinos across the country, along the Mississippi River, throughout New England and everywhere you look on the internet. We take the time and the effort to find out who is legitimate and who is promising false goods. Casino Times News forwards information where players can make informed decisions. We follow all development in casinos news and relate them to you especially if these are changes that will affect the players.

Casino Times News will recommend that you visit some online casino websites based on our investigations and on the latest news and promotions as they occur. Online gambling in particular is a very vibrant entertainment business and new players always come up with attractive promotions to lure players, so we will report on such opportunities as they arise.

Overall online gambling is much safer than it was even five years, so your money is probably safe. But you still need to exert extreme caution when you make a first transfer to an online casino, as rogue operators still attempt to scam players. We are following this topic for you, and will only recommend the most secure casinos, or alert you of any detected scam.

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