Free Online Poker

Posted by gambler101 on Jan 25, 2013 in online poker

The subconscious desire of every human being to have everything an individual wants as cheaply as possible or even for free is exploited by various organizations and dealers from the very beginning of the human era. Free goods is the main promotion method in order to attract new customers and retain the regular ones. Offers of free poker on the online casino sites are from the similar area. In that way casino management attracts new players to their sites and gives various bonuses at the start to make people play.

There are many free poker games available on these sites so you are able to choose any game you like. Free poker is the leader on the online casino sites from the viewpoint of attracting new players so the bonuses constantly grow which is definitely good for regular beginners in the world of casino games. You should start playing free Holdem poker. This is an easy game so you could learn very quickly how to play it and eventually win money. However, don’t count on fast results because poker is not just rules and gameplay.

This is a game of skills and experience so pay attention to everything that happens in the virtual room. Notice how people spend free poker money to figure out their character and peculiarities. It will help you in future when you start playing for real money. Before that you should practice a lot to become a really good poker player. Just play free poker and the the rest will definitely come to you.



Carbon Poker

Posted by gambler101 on Jan 11, 2012 in online poker

Why playing at Carbon Poker versus any other online poker site? After all there are so many poker sites and they all seem to offer the same games, so how do you decide which on to choose and in particular why would you consider Carbon Poker at all?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the primary consideration is your geographical location. For example if you are based in the United States, then there are currently very few poker sites offering real money games, and Carbon Poker is the leading one. Except Carbon US online poker is a barren land. Bodog Poker was a nice contender but they just left the US market. Cake Poker still provides online poker tables to American players, but Carbon has more traffic and a more interesting platform. Basically after the major operators left, Carbon Poker is pretty much the only reasonable choice for American players. They have benefited from this situation and their traffic has more than doubled this year, so even a few pros have relocated to Carbon Poker. It is really gaining traction, so download Carbon Poker if you have not yet done so.

Now what if you are not a US based players? If you live in a few of the countries where online poker is regulated, like France, Italy or Belgium, then Carbon Poker does not yet have a licence to operate online poker games, so for you the question is irrelevant as you do not have access to Carbon. But if you live in any other country like the UK or Germany, then yes you can play at Carbon. Make sure to use a Carbon Poker bonus code when you register so that you are entitled to your new depositor bonus and all the perks that come with it, such as the freerolls for new players.

Now that we have cleared the topic of your location, what makes Carbon Poker an interesting room to play at? First of all, they have a bad beat jackpot and there are very few rooms offering that. The big players in bad beat jackpots where UB Poker and Absolute Poker, but now they are gone. This makes Carbon Poker the leader in this field. At the time of writing the jackpot is over $920k, so this is serious money we are talking about, as the winner (loser of the hand) gets a big portion of the jackpot.

Another enticing feature at Carbon Poker is that they offer side games such as Blackjack or Caribbean Stud, from the same gaming platform. So if you want to make a change from Texas Holdem or PLO once in a while, without registering and depositing to an online casino, then Carbon Poker is a good choice as you can do that with just a few mouse clicks. Finally Carbon Poker has never had a problem with the law or any cheating scandal. This is a well run reputable poker room where your bankroll will be safe. So why not giving it a try today, who knows you might add a few hundred thousand dollars to your banking account if you get a very (un)lucky bad beat.

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American players

Posted by gambler101 on May 23, 2011 in online poker

statue of liberty
One of the news that has been the most talked about in recent history is the crackdown by the Department of Justice and the FBI of the four leading poker rooms operating in the USA on April 15th 2011: Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and UB Poker. Yes this unprecedented shutdown and indictment of eleven individuals has shocked the world of online poker and is probably the most important news event in the industry since the enactment of UIEGA in 2006. Event the creation of rush poker which in itself is the most significant breakthrough in online gaming technology in the past few years is nothing compared to Black Friday. No event comes to mind in the past decade except maybe the WSOP victory by amateur player Chris Moneymaker in 2003.

Ironically some were smiling one or two years ago when the French were working on a new online gaming law. Yes this law tightly enforced by ARJEL may not have pleased all players and operators and it is far from perfect in particular as it forces French online poker players to play in a closed vessel among themselves, missing the benefits of globalization and internationalization. But at least the French were able to regulate online gaming and to collect well-needed taxes in the process. By the way PokerStars has established itself as the leader of French online poker and you can use this code marketing pokerstars in order to get a bonus reserved to new players only.

Back to our topic about US online poker, it is hard to make any sense of the action of the Government in the past 5 years. Starting in 2006 with the UIGEA, half of the operators left the US market, including major brand names such as Party Poker. Now five years later they are banning the 4 leaders of what was left in this market, and nowadays only a few minor players remain. It is fair to say that online poker is about 10-20% of what it should be if the major brands were allowed to operate normally.

I always found it funny when I saw movies about the Prohibition, will Al Capone and the Chicago mafia reigning on the traffic of alcohol. Is not America supposed to be the country of freedom, after all the French gave them the Statue of Liberty not just to give light to the New York harbor but more so to represent their hope that this new country was where the future of freedom will reside. Not so much so, as it seems that lawyers and politicians are the ones ruling the States with no consideration for what consists in an infringement or not of the public’s right to decide how they want to spend their free time.

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Thin value raises

Posted by gambler101 on Dec 27, 2010 in online poker

So there was this fish last night, and like any high limit fish he was very good at some things and not so good at others. This guy played nearly every hand, but was able to extract massive value through bluffs and super thin value raises. So if you wanted to play with him you had to be certain that you had a hand. This of course meant that if you raised him, he had a pretty good idea where he stood. On the other hand it was very difficult to discern his bluffs from thin value bets from regular value bets. To combat that sort of style, you have to occasionally put in extra bets when you aren’t sure where you stand.

In one hand, I’ve clearly got a hand to play, but I don’t want to push him off the pot. I’m in that nether world where I’m either well ahead or well behind, and I really can’t be sure. I think I’m ahead. When I hit two pair on a scary board, I go ahead and raise. This is a real tough spot because if he three bets me here, it’s almost impossible to fold, but now my hand is so good compared to his potential holdings that I want that extra value. Luckily he called me down with just ace high. What a moron after all.

Also I discovered this the other day, and I’ve been making use of it during my longer planned sessions. If you are sitting at three tables and register for a multi-table tournament, Pokerstars will allow you to play twenty-four tables total. Since I’ve chosen to suspend my play at Full Tilt Poker for a while due to constantly losing my ass there, it’s nice to have the option to play more tables.

It’s also nice to see what the big deal about multi-table tournaments really is. Personally I find them to be massively boring and only marginally profitable. They are much higher variance that ring games. That means to have an equivalent expectation I’d have to endure even larger swings than I do now. I really don’t need that kind of abuse on a regular basis, but from time to time they can be fun.

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All the poker babes

Posted by gambler101 on Jul 6, 2010 in online poker

What is happening with all the online poker rooms signing up pin ups or even porn stars? Is it the sign that the end is near?

In onlinevideopoker it is understandable that attractive women be used to attract attention. But what about poker pros and online poker?

Ok, there are a few legitimate poker pros that are super hot poker babes. Vanessa Rousso at pokerstars is probably the most gorgeous and sexiest poker babe on earth. But let’s not forget that she is a highly skilled poker pro, with millions of dollars under her belt. Liv Boeree at Ultimate Bet is another boiling hot poker pro, but remember that she just won the EPT San Remo, defeating a field of over 1,000 (mostly male) players and pocketing a cool €1,250,000.

There are a few more great looking female poker pros that are really talented poker pros. Annette Obrestad at Full Tilt Poker is a cute petite who has tons of male fans. Annie Duke at Ultimate Bet in not exactly young but still a beautiful brunette and certainly a force in poker. Jennifer Harman as well at Full Tilt is one of the most recognized female poker pros, attractive and profitable.

All the above and a few more are gems in the poker pro crowd and the online poker rooms that sponsor them are lucky to have them, as there are only a few.

But using porn stars to promote a poker room is clearly a bit of a stretch. Recently Carbon Poker has signed Elizabeth Shannon. This is somehow controversial (by the way you can see her nude on the Internet), but she did very well at the Heads-Up Championship, so let’s give her the benefit of the doubt.

Now Victory Poker is employing the services of 2007 playmate Sara Underwood. She is totally hot, this is clear. But can she play poker? She can learn. What about Samantha Ryan? If you do not know who she is, you guessed it correctly: a porn star, and Ultimate Bet recently hired her to play at the WSOP 2010.

All this is good for the gossips, and people love gossips, especially in poker circles. But let’s keep the game as clean as we can, please.

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Texas Hold’em Poker tips

Posted by gambler101 on Jun 7, 2010 in online poker

If you are a beginner or intermediate online poker player, the following are some Texas Hold’em tips for making easy profits playing online poker.

The first tip is to raise in position before the flop. This will add chips to the pot and make most weak hands fold. It will also lead to bigger pots when you have stronger cards and thus a larger chance to win the pot.

Another fundamental play advised by Phil Hellmuth is never to draw to the idiot side of a straight. This is because in case of a big pot, you will often lose to the higher side of the straight. These hands look good on the surface, but they will cost you a lot of money over the long run.

Next tip, it is recommended that unconnected cards of medium and low level are often a fold. Tom Dwan says that it is better to play low pairs very cautiously, and he is such a loose player himself. Chris Ferguson has indicated that you should raise with an open-ended straight draw after the flop. Another tip as is to bet an ace or two high overcards after a non noteworthy flop, when the flop does not seem risky and is usually rainbow. When a player raises at such garbage flop, just fold because it simply means that you have no chance to win versus a strong hand.

The best players at casinos online advise to learn how to catch bluffs. Learn to guess when your opponents bluff to attempt to make you fold. Remember that if a competitor looks like he is a shark and then suddenly begins to demonstrate sad or happy feelings, she is certainly trying to bluff.

Also try to mix up your game. You should know to bluff as well, as this will make you win some extra cash with bad and good players. Top money earners have hinted to analyze your opponent to determine if the opponent can be bluffed easily, or if he bluffs himself a lot.

Because you will spend a lot of time on your computer with the poker software of your choice, you must choose the program and room that fits you most. Depending if you like rooms filled with players or other rooms with less players but more easily recognizable opponents, your choice will differ.

Good luck at the poker tables.

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To tilt or not to tilt

Posted by gambler101 on Apr 18, 2010 in online poker

Tilt is probably the most important element that will influence your bankroll and your win ratio as a poker player.

Below are a few thoughts about the type of plays that may trigger tilt.

Folding big hands. This is a major skill to be able to fold big hands such as sets, straights or flushes. For most players it is very tough to fold them as these monster hands do not come often and they prefer to call and see for themselves rather that fold such strong hands.

It is hard to fold them, after all what if this other player was just bluffing; this would be such a waste!

There are at least two problems stemming from not being able to fold big hands: (1) these hands lead to big pots, so as you are beaten most of the time in these spots, this leads to big pots lost. This is a huge leak as if costs a lot over the long run; (2) in addition there is a secondary effect to not being able to fold big hands. It is that such losses lead to tilt, as you may feel like “omg, how come whenever I have a monster and bet the ranch, I am beaten by an even stronger monster? online poker is rigged, definitively.”

Another type of situation that may lead to tilt is when you miss a lot of hands and draws. Sometimes if feels impossible to miss so many times in a row, but this happens. This is the nature of randomness, that there will be long streams one way or the other. For players with a slightly impatient nature (and most are), it is hard to withstand and it is often the precursor of tilt.

The key point is that you cannot follow your emotions to be successful at online poker. It is not enough to use a pokerstars bonus code to improve your bankroll. You also have to overcome your emotions and make tough decisions all the time if you want to make consistent money at poker.

Skilled players somehow play in an “unnatural way”. They use their brain more and their heart less. Control yourself and you will do way better at online poker.

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