Real Money iPhone Casinos

Posted by gambler101 on Mar 4, 2011 in online casinos

The iPhone has become incredibly popular since the first iPhone was launched in 2007. Since then, more than 100 million units have been sold worldwide and Apple has become the world’s 4th largest mobile phone manufacturer with an estimate 40 million iPhone units to be sold in 2011.

The massive popularity in iphones and smart phones such as the Google Android has led to a number of casinos and gambling operators launching mobile casinos and iphone gambling real money apps.

In 2011, there are already a handful of online casino operators that have developed and launched iPhone casino apps including 32Red, Wild Jack Casino, All Slots Casino and Platinum Play Casino. Jackpotcity Mobile and Betfair are also ready to launch their own iPhone gambling apps to the public which can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store. All of these apps can be used on Apple’s tablet devices such as the iPad series too.

The main advantage of real money gambling apps on the iPhone is that it gives casino players greater access to casino games and allows them to access their account, make deposits and wager real money on the go. In today’s “city” climate where daily commuting and waiting are a part of the mix, the ability to gamble on your iPhone enables users to pass time whilst also enjoying the games and rewards.

The big advantage to casino operators of course is higher turnover from mobile players. Unlike online gambling profits, which are restricted by the amount of time players have at their home computer, mobile gambling can be done anywhere with a signal (which sure enough will be 99% of places in the next couple of years).

The limitations of gambling on the iPhone are of course limited game selection, functionality and features. For example, most of the iPhone apps such as the 32red iPhone app only have 11 real money gambling games, which includes a selection of the most popular variants such as blackjack, roulette, video poker, slots, bingo bonanza and keno.

The good news however is while these apps have limitations, they are still brand new and the casinos will constantly endeavour to bring out new games, promotions and rewards for mobile players each month. Most mobile casinos also have exclusive offers for players, such as $10 FREE play such for signing up to the device in addition to $500 deposit bonuses.

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Appreciating the origin of blackjack

Posted by gambler101 on Aug 14, 2010 in online casinos

We as humans are very curious about origins of good things. We celebrate birthdays and independence days to appreciate or recognize the origin or the beginning of good things.

Some people like to blame it on the French, well it seems that a really good thing you can blame them for is for maybe inventing the popular game of blackjack. It is believed that the game originated from two French card games: French Ferme and Chemin de Fer. It was first documented that the game has been played in the antique French casinos in the 1700’s. The game was then called “vingt et un” which means twenty-one in French.

It took around 100 years until it was first documented being played across the seas in the east coast of North America. Gambling was legal in the United States up until the year 1910 when it was claimed to be a felony and became illegal. The game exploded with popularity in the year 1931, when the great state of Nevada became smart and legalized casinos and gambling.

50 years later the game came to Atlantic City and 20 more states legalized casinos and gambling. All over the world, it’s hard to find a person who isn’t familiar with the words twenty one or blackjack. Enjoy the game, whether you play blackjack online, at a casino or even at home in a friendly game, now at least you know and appreciate where it comes from!

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